In DIASTASI, Training & Consulting Services, since 1997, we provide integrated services and solutions in supporting Business and Social Innovation. We focus on Human Resource Development, Training and Counselling Services, as well as Employment and Social Integration Project Management Services.

Our People, especially in difficult times, are our invaluable assets! Experienced Consultants, Project Managers, Adult Trainers, Facilitators and Mentors compose a unique set of skills, personalities and opinions for the development of our work. They combine scientific training, professional experience and social activity. They understand the challenges, they identify opportunities, they design and offer innovative solutions. We grow together with our people. We’re open to new partnerships. We are building together a creative work environment.
We invest in the continuous quality upgrading of our Services. We are committed to strict control and continuous improvement of systems and procedures related to all operational and administrative functions. We apply Certified and internationally recognized quality standards, addressing the requirements and expectations of our customers and partners in a responsible and effective manner. The Innovative Systems, the modern Infrastructure and our people ensure the maximization of our quality result.
Decentralized and aiming at the best possible support and service of local needs, we operate across Greece. Our Training Centres in Athens, Nafplio, Agrinio, Sparta, Chania and Kranidi, strictly meet the EOPEPP Certification standards, as well as the high-quality standards of the company. With a total area of 1,411.81 sq.m. and a training capacity of 454 people per hour, all training centers have fully equipped rooms and IT facilities, special counselling facilities, up-to-date teaching libraries with stable Internet access, break areas, as well as full accessibility for people with disabilities.